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Measuring Your Success

Published By: Jake Woodall How do you measure your own success? Do you measure your success in terms of winning alone? Many view today’s society as either you are a winner or loser depending what your final results are on the playing field. With that in mind you can...

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North’s Knowledge: “The Little Things”

Published By: Jon North I went to a very small high school growing up, but I had the absolute honor of playing for a KHSAA Hall of Fame coach in John D. Wilson. Coach Wilson believed in doing things the right way. While it was frustrating for some to understand, I was...

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Houk Commits to Pikeville

Anthony Houk of Rockcastle County announced his commitment to the University of Pikeville Bears baseball team. Houk is a pitcher/3rd baseman from the class of 2018 that plays for the Rockcastle County Rockets and the Elite Baseball Club. To this point Anthony has had...

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Grant Bryant

Grant Bryant


This week’s male athlete of the week is Grant Bryant of Rockcastle County. Grant is a prospect out of the class of 2018 who Fishes and plays Basketball for the Rockcastle Rockets. Grant has had a very successful career to this point as a fisherman. He believes that his class was the one who helped kick start the Rockcastle fishing program, which is viewed as a successful program by others. Some of Grants accomplishments include the following: has been named the 2X Angler of the Year for the Rockcastle Rockets, which occurred in his Junior and Senior Seasons, he has qualified 4 straight years for the regional tournament, he has won over 20 plaques over the course of a 4 year span for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or big fish for Rockcastle Open tournaments, and he recorded the biggest single bag ever weighed in at a Rockcastle fishing tournament. Over the course of his high school career Grant has recorded 5 wins, 1 second place finish, 2 third place finishes, and 5 big fish awards.

Grant is also an excellent student and individual as well. Grant currently has a 3.75 GPA, scored a 20 on his ACT, and his favorite subject in school is social studies. At school Grant is currently involved in the following clubs: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Berea Scholars Program, Teenage Republicans, Spirit Club, and Card Sharks. Besides school Grant has also shown outstanding characteristics in the community as well. Grant has been very involved in church and making his community a better place to live in. He has also been involved with mission trips and giving back to others less fortunate. One of the mission trips Grant has took part in has been a week long mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico this past summer. While he was there with his family, church, and friends they helped build a house for a family in Mexico. After high school he already has plans of attending the University of the Cumberland’s where he will continue his educational career. Grant is very goal oriented and has big dreams of what he wants to do later on in life. No matter what he decides to do it is obvious Grant will be very successful.

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Mercedes Winfree

Mercedes Winfree


This week’s female athlete of the week is Mercedes Winfree of Carrie, Kentucky who is a softball prospect from the class of 2022. Mercedes currently plays for Knott County Central High School and plays the following positions: pitcher, shortstop, and outfield. Her high school coach describes her as a threat to opposing teams in the outfield. Coach Sandlin believes that with her speed and arm she should be able to cover the entire outfield, which is a task few can accomplish. In 2017 alone Mercedes had a batting average of .353, slugging percentage of .382, an on-base percentage of .459, recorded 8 stolen bases, and had a time of 3.65 seconds from home to first. Mercedes is known to others as a very active athlete who does it all. Besides Softball she also plays Volleyball, Track, and is a Cheerleader. Some of her accolades to date include the following: 2017 53rd District Champion in Softball (Team Award & first in school history), 2016 UCA cheerleading champion, and has recorded an abundance of gymnastic accomplishments including several trips to the Junior Olympics.

Mercedes is also a terrific student as well. She currently has a 4.0 GPA, enjoys taking math classes, and is involved in the Unite Club as well as the Student Leadership Technology Program at school. Mercedes is the type of individual that always will do whatever is best for the team. Every time she competes she gives 100% effort and lays it all on the line for the win. Others would describe her as being a coachable and a great teammate. It is obvious that Mercedes has the passion, desire, and dedication required to be successful on and off the playing field going forward. With her positive attitude, athletic skills, and great grades Mercedes hopes to one day have the opportunity to fulfill her dream of playing at the collegiate level.

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