CLASS:  2019

SCHOOL:  Rockcastle County High School

HOMETOWN:  Brodhead, KY



 Teacher Quote: 

“I would love to take that kid home with me because he is the kindest and most compassionate young man I know.”

DOB:  October 15
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 143lbs


GPA:  4.0
ACT Score: 21
Favorite Subject: Science



Parent Contact
Jessica Cromer – 606-386-0803

Mailing Address
1918 Ottawa Rd
Brodhead, KY 40409

Matt Bryant – 606-386-0339

Interesting fact on Athlete:  I have a special place in my heart to work with special needs students.  Every day at school I help a wheelchair bound student get into the classroom by moving chairs, etc. in order for them to get in.  I also have a passion to include special needs students in all that I do such as I love playing ball with the neighbor’s Autistic child.  It does not matter to me who is around or who says what; I will always “help” a special needs student no matter where I am or what I am doing.  They are very special people.

What I want to be when I grow up:  Nurse Anesthetist

Who is my hero? Kyrie Irving because I love his quotes he constantly says such as:

“No alarm needed. My passion wakes me up”—My favorite

“Work hard, stay focused and understand that nothing worth achieving comes easy”

“Embrace the challenge: never run from it”


2016 – Nicely/Cornelius finished the season in 5th Place with 45.500 Anglers of the Year adjusted point average. This included a 2nd Place finish on Barren River Lake and a 3rd Place Finish in the Dale Hollow Team Cup, which helped to secure the 2016 Team Cup for RCHS.

2017 – Nicely/Cornelius finished 2nd Place with 49.000 Anglers of the Year adjusted point average. This included a 1st Place Finish on Barren River Lake. Nicely/Cornelius also qualified for the Bassmaster High School/Kentucky Bass Nation 2017 Championship, finishing 14th overall for the state of Kentucky. Jordan also raised over $200 as a fundraiser for his team. Jordan sold memorial stickers after the passing of one of his teammates to raise the money.

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