Lauryn Terrill #8

Softball/Volleyball/Bass Fishing

Positions: 2nd Base/Shortstop/Cather/Pitcher

CLASS:  2021

SCHOOL:  Wolfe County High School

HOMETOWN:  Hazel Green, KY


Coaches Quotes

“Lauryn Terrill is full of grit and determination!!! She is easily identified at the end of the day by the amount of dirt that is collected on her uniform. She is willing to lay it all on the line to make big plays. She has great bat speed and versatile at the plate. She has a great arm and can play multiple positions including pitcher. She can help any team in multiple ways. She does very well in school and has a great reputation.”

                        -Tony Turner (Legacy Fastpitch)

“Plays all out willing to give up her body to make the play and has all the skills: good arm, good bat, and good speed.”

                       – Benny Campbell (Wolfe County High School) 

Age: 15
DOB: 01/21/2003
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 132


GPA: 3.7
ACT/SAT Score: 15 (Taken in 7th grade)
Favorite Subject: Math
Clubs/Activities: Beta Club



Phone: (606)-662-4067 or (606)-359-3682


Chuck & Amanda Terrill

Mailing Address

911 Caskey Fork Road
Hazel Green, KY 41332


Benny Campbell (Wolfe County High School)

Phone: (606)-233-5909

Tony Turner (Legacy Fastpitch)

Phone: (606)-568-6059

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts: Lauryn started playing varsity high school infield in 7th grade

What do you want to be when you grow up?: General Surgeon

What qualities do I bring to a team to make them successful?: Hard work and dedication


2016 All “A” Softball Champion

2016 55th District Softball Champion

2016 Regional Runner-Up

2017 All “A” Softball Champion

2017 55th District Softball Champion


2017 55th District All Tournament Team

Bass Fishing 

*The only female fisherman on the team.

*She has had several top 10 finishes in events.

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