Valerie Franklin #15


CLASS:  2020

SCHOOL:  Rockcastle County High School

HOMETOWN:  Brodhead, KY


Coaches Quotes:

“One of the most versatile, coach-able athletes I have had the privilege of coaching.  Valerie internalizes feedback and makes in game adjustments well.  This season she was our go to hitter when we needed a point.  She sees the court well and makes the necessary adjustments in order to earn her team the point.  Valerie is very dedicated to her sport and team and works hard to improve before, during, and after her season.”

“One of the only players I have coached who sets a goal for herself before every match based on her performance from the previous matches.  And because of her determination, usually achieves that goal.”

DOB:  January 8, 2002

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 170lbs



GPA:  4.0

ACT Score: 22

Favorite Subject: Chemistry


Athlete’s Contact:

Cell: 606-308-0850 


Parent’s Contact:

Jill Franklin(Mother): 606-308-4802 

Shannon Franklin (Father): 606-391-3361 

Mailing Address

107 Pioneer Lane
Brodhead, KY 40409

Rockcastle County High School Coaches Contact:

Loren Maples


Cell: (606)-308-4209

Work: (606)-256-5118

Interesting Facts


What do you want to be when you grow up?: Chiropractor

Who is your hero and why?:  My hero is my brother Jacob. He is very intelligent and hard working. He has goals and works hard to achieve them. He is a great encouragement and inspiration for me, and he inspires me to be the best I can be.







2017 Volleyball Season 

Attacks: 903

Kills: 269

Hitting Percentage: .15 (full season)

Hitting Percentage (before post season play): .18

Serve Attempt: 292

Serving Aces: 22

Digs: 102

  • 2017 47th District All Season Team
  • 2017 12th Region All Tournament Team

2018 RCHS Rocket Volleyball

August             9                                Danville                                   Home

                        14                                Garrard                                   Away

                        16                                South Laurel                          Home

                        20                                North Laurel                           Away

                        21                                Wayne                                     Away

                        23                                Somerset                                Away

                        28                                Lincoln                                    Home

                        30                                Casey                                       Away

September       4                                Whitley                                   Away              

                          6                                Pulaski                                     Away

                        7-8                               Rockcastle Inv.                       Home

                        11                                Boyle                                       Home

                        13                                Somerset                                Home

                        18                                Pulaski                                     Home

                        20                                Casey                                       Home

                        24                                South Laurel                           Away

                        25                                Corbin                                      Away

                        27                                North Laurel                            Home

                        28-29                          First Priority – Whitley             Away

October            1                                Mercer                                      Away

                          2                                 Lincoln                                      Away

                          4                                Garrard (Sr. Night)                   Home             

                          8                                47th District Tourney               Home                                                                         

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