Published by: Jake Woodall

Coaches who are interested in certain athletes have a specific guideline they follow when recruiting prospective athletes for their teams. If a coach is completely interested in an athlete they will evaluate them from the time they arrive at events until the time they leave. Coaches watch how you react to adversity, how you interact with your teammates, your grades, what your social media accounts look like, and if you give 100 percent on every play. College coaches seek to find players who play hard, play with a passion, and who never give up. Think of it like this “As a coach what type of player would you want to have playing for you”?

Coaches will look for guys with high characters. Just remember that although you may be ahead of someone else a little athletically the college coach will 99% of the time chose the athlete who is more coachable, works harder, has a good attitude, and is a good teammate. Offering a scholarship to a high school athlete is a huge investment for a coach, their staff, and the school. Coaches do their homework on every player before a decision is made.

Some of the main factors that coaches evaluate are an athlete’s athletic ability, their mental toughness, academics, coachability, and their character. The world of college athletic recruiting is extremely competitive. There are thousands of players looking for a roster spot. You really need to know what college coaches are looking for to have the upper hand on your competition. If you are a high school prospect it is crucial that you strive to always be the best you can be in these areas.

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