Published by: Lea Ellen Rogers

Going through the motions is one thing athletes are most vulnerable to. With busy schedules and not a whole lot of free time, we get caught up in doing the exact same things over and over again. The simplest tasks become repetitive and difficult. We start to question why we continuously put ourselves through hours of vigorous practices and late nights with little sleep. This outlook is mentally and physically hard to dig yourself out of. If we are constantly victims of mindless attitudes, we will never reach our full potential. Completing only what is merely expected by coaches, and nothing more, portrays a lack of desire in the progress of oneself and the sport one wishes to excel in. Going through the motions, the majority of the time produces stagnancy in the player, which leaves little to no room for athletic growth. In other words, we are stuck where we are in our abilities due to lack of focus. The athlete will only work and play as hard as he/she does in practice and with no intentions of getting any better, cannot execute their skills at a higher level in a “game-like” situation. These everyday motions never require you to put much thought into your actions or become resilient to adversity. To overcome or potentially avoid going through the motions all together, always set goals that are tough, but rewarding. Go beyond what you usually do and what you have previously limited yourself to. Each day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. Work harder than your teammate and motivate them to work harder than you. The end results of going through the motions can reinforce more positivity and growth as opposed to no hardship at all.


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