Brent Lovell of Rockcastle County announced his commitment this morning to the Eastern Kentucky Colonels baseball team. Lovell is a catcher from the class of 2018 that plays for the Rockcastle County Rockets and the Cincinnati Flames. Lovell primarily plays catcher and expects to compete for the job during his tenure at EKU. To this point Brent has had an impressive resume that includes the following: 2017 KHSBCA Pre Season All State Selection, USA Today Pre Season Top 100 KY Selection, 2016 & 2017 KHSBCA All Star Team, 2017 47th District All-Tournament Team, Ranked 11th in KHSAA in State for Fielding and 18th for Home Runs in 2017, and was selected to the WWBA Lake Point Georgia AA All-Tournament Team in the summer of 2017.

Lovell chose EKU over a number of other schools. The reason for choosing EKU was because of their close proximity to home and having the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level. Ultimately he thought it was the right fit for him athletically and academically. Brent believes that EKU provides him not only a great place to further his athletic career, but education as well. Brent wants to one day continue his career as a teacher or social worker and believes in the term of being a “student athlete,” meaning you take care of your education first and foremost before anything else.

While in college Lovell’s definitive goal is to graduate with a degree that he can use the rest of his life and be the best teammate he can be all while being the best player he can possibly be. He wants to leave a legacy at EKU as a winner and hard worker and has a dream of one day getting drafted. To get to this point Brent has put in the work needed. Lovell has been working harder than he ever has worked in his life over the past couple of years. Every day he gets to school at 6:45 and begins to run, stretch, workout, and take ice baths. Lovell’s idol Derek Jeter always said “people may have more talent than me, but there’s no excuse for people working harder than I do,” which is something he tries to incorporate daily.

Brent is very gracious for the opportunity he has been given. He knows not everyone gets chances like this so he plans to make the most of it. Brent would like to thank the following people: his savior Jesus Christ (for blessing me with everything I need to be successful and for allowing me to wake up each and every single day motivated), friends and family for keeping him motivated each day, all his former coaches throughout his years in sports for helping mold him into the person he is, his summer ball coach Adam Basil for helping me learn my swing and teaching me to trust it, his girlfriend Lauryn for always being there through everything and helping me through this whole process, and mostly I would like to say thank you to my parents and brother. Thank you to my brother for coming to all the games and for loving me and caring so much about me. My special thank you goes towards my parents because they are the best parents anyone could ever ask for. From waking up at 6 am, to staying 4 to 5 days at a time in hotels, to those late 3 to 5 hour drives home during the summer. They never miss any games, they never miss any of my events or camps, and they’re always there with me. My parents are way more than just my parents though, they’re such great people. They’re the best people that I know and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me and how they’ve raised me. One day I hope that I’m looked at by my kids, the same way that I look at my parents. I love them with all my heart and I would be nothing without them. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Brent is an unselfish player who is dedicated to doing whatever he can for the better of the team.   Lovell will bring a winning attitude to the Colonels and we look forward to continuing to follow Brent’s career and wish him the best of luck going forward as he chases his dreams.

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