RECRUITMEKY owners Jake Woodall and Nick Williams presented their business model in front of the Barksdale Rutherford’s Think Tank at 5 Across & Awesome Inc. in Lexington KY and came away with the Audience Favorite Business/Pitch Award. 5 Across is a Lexington based business pitch competition for new entrepreneurs. Awesome Inc. and the BBDP joined forces in 2010 to launch 5 Across in an effort to encourage entrepreneurs to share their business ideas and take action. Since 2010, 5 Across has helped over 120 entrepreneurs gain valuable feedback, connect with key mentors, and earn over $37,500 in prize money!

The goal of RECRUITMEKY is to help student athletes gain recognition in their sport of choice. RECRUITMEKY is committed to helping kids get the leg up on competition by helping them get exposure to college coaches. So many great athletes go unnoticed each year due to there name not getting out. There are no promises or guarantees of a scholarship with this recruiting service.  However, the business does promise that they will actively promote the participant to the colleges of their choice with the goal of opening up opportunities for the participant. The following are team members involved with RECRUITMEKY: Jake Woodall & Nick Williams (Owners), Jon North (Norths Knowledge & highlight Videos), Michael Parsons (Website Developer), Abby Woodall & Sierra Williams (Recruiting Advisors), and Lea Ellen Rogers (Student Intern).

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