Published by: Jake Woodall

Not every player is blessed with the same talents, with that in mind one way to make up for what you may lack in talent is by effort and being a great teammate. In order for a team to be unified, each member must take the responsibility to do his/her part to be a good teammate. As a player you have a responsibility to be trusted by others, offer support in areas others lack, communicate well with one another, and be committed. Athletes need to try and be consistent in the process of being a good teammate.

Some things that make you a great teammate can be the following:

  • Always give maximum effort
  • Keeping a good attitude
  • Put others first
  • Always be honest and loyal
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Don’t accept failure
  • Cheer others on even when competing for spots
  • Never be satisfied
  • Always be optimistic
  • Be a leader on and off the court
  • Lift others up
  • Sacrifice for one another
  • Share the vision

Majority of teams are most successful when they join together to become more than a group of individuals, but a unified collection of athletes seeking the ultimate purpose: team success.

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